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                                                                                                    Body Lubrication

Lubrication is word which expresses the technique applied to reduce friction of one or both surfaces in close propinquity, and moving relative to each another. Body Lubrication is a compound word used for the greasing or oiling of the bodies to work properly. Body Lubrication is done by interposing an essence called lubricant. All moving parts of the body, such as joints and legs, arms or shoulders, should be lubricated each time after hard work or exercise. Body Lubrication means nothing more than to make your body smooth and slippery. But it can also refer to the act of apply a lubricant. A lubricant can be referred to as oil or massage cream which is substance that reduces friction by creating a slippery film between two joints or body parts. Lubricants permit body parts to move easily without pain.

The reduction of friction by means of the use of a fluid appears to be a simple concept; it is actually far more complex. Body Lubrication technique can be divided into four basic types or organization. When a fluid lubricant is applied between joints or arms or shoulders, a thicker hassled film can be generated by the movement of these body parts. The non compressible nature of body parts results in better out comes. The condition in which body parts are completely separated by a continuous layer of lubricating fluid is commonly referred to as Hydrodynamic or Full Fluid Film Body Lubrication. In this dynamic style of body lubrication, the lubricant right away contiguous to each body part which it does with others.

Body Lubrication to the boundaries of body parts sometimes referred to as thin layer lubrication is a state in which the oiling layer is too thin for application to the joints. Body Lubrication is accompanied by lubricants which can be classified by their origin as from animal fat e.g., sperm oil, goose grease, vegetable fat e.g., soybean oil, linseed oil, or mineral oil e.g., petroleum, molybdenum sulfide. From ancient times until the late 19th century body lubrication was performed from vegetable oils or animal fats and oils. Today most are derived from mineral oils, such as petroleum and shale oil, which can be distilled and condensed without decomposition. Synthetic lubricants, such as silicones, are of great value in applications involving extreme temperatures.

Body Lubrication through bath oiling is also recommended that is useful where an oil tight reservoir can be provided in which the bearing journal may be submerged; the pool of oil helps to carry away heat from warm up body parts. Massage creams are semisolid lubricants and have several important advantages: They resist being squeezed out; they are useful under heavy work out conditions and in inaccessible body parts where the supply of lubricant cannot easily be renewed and they tend to form a crust that prevents the entry of dirt or grit between contact joints or targeted body parts. Body Lubrication can be most advantageous for people of old age because of their joints pain or arthritis and for infants whose joints and body parts are not well strong for walking or different activities. Hence, Body Lubrication is strategically approved by most physicians and health experts.


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